About Humpty Dumpty School

Humpty Dumpty Nursery School is a holistic school education for your child. It started as a play group in rented hall with just 5 students.

Founded officially in 1989 by Mrs. Abha Shah daughter of President Medal Recipient Lt. Shri Prakashchandji Deora. She started this institute with the concept of giving quality education to the students who are under privileged and middle class family’s student whose parents couldn’t afford to pay high fees of public schools.

Our highly qualified faculty members with innovative study techniques provides quality education to students.
We have the best staff who is dedicated to their work and is available to solve the doubts and clear the queries of students.

We give students the flexibility to chose the time slot according to their requirement.

We try to teach students through direct experiences and investigation so that students develop their skill in a better way. Children are given endless means and opportunities to express themselves.

We encourage our students in engaging and collaborating, preparing students for their next educational step and make them a responsible member of a society.

Humpty Dumpty got a remarkable response from parents. Parents were pleased and didn’t want their child to join another school after UKG. They were ready to shore up anything for school to grow into primary school.


We believe education with dedicated and devoted teachers and students will lead to growth of the students.


Our mission is to provide high quality education to students belonging to under privileged or middle class families who cannot afford exuberant fee charges of society’s supercilious public schools.


We empower students to take responsibility for their present and future learning by developing their academic, interpersonal and technological skills and create a generation who are smart, talented students.


Our objective is to offer high quality academically sound education, promoting a positive attitude towards creativity and allowing students to engage in learning process.


Educate and prepare the next generation of researchers, teachers, and practitioners to effectively meet the public health-related needs of individuals and communities. Helps in developing overall personality and understanding of kids. Preparing students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Important Instruction to
be Read Carefully

  1. Tiffins:- As school hours are long your ward should carry paratha/ chapati and some green vegetables or anything filling and nutritious. A napkin and water bottle sholud be carried by ward daily. Tiffins sent during the school recess should be well Labelled with name and class, otherwise school will not be held responsible if it is misplaced. Your ward should not carry any kind of food like noodle, maggie, chips etc.
  2. Books and Stationery:-

    a) Books and copies should be well labelled with name and class written on it and should be submitted in the school.

    b) Student should carry three sharpened pencils, a ruler, a rubber and colour pencils, crayons every day.Along with this student of class 4th onwards sholud carry a blue gel pen and a black gel pen.

  3. Assessments:- The School will be holding monthly assessments to update the children with their subject. There will be Half Yearly + Annual Assessments during the school year.

    I        Half Yearly Assessment in September.
    II        Annual Assessment in 1st wek of march.

    along with 6 monthly Assessments for which marks will be added in the annual assessment.

  4. All assessment marks will be addded in annual assesment for all classes.

General Instruction

  1. Students should be regular and punctual in attending the School.
  2. The School day commences with a prayer at asssembly at which all students are expected to be present.
  3. Student will not be sent home before time, except on a written request from the parents. The request may be granted by Principal only for a very special reason.
  4. No books (other than text book or library books) magazines, comics,picture etc. may be brought to the school.
  5. The School is not responsible for money, jewellery, valuable, books etc. that are lost.
  6. All students should be habitually clean and always be neatly dressed. On all school days, the school uniform is to be worn.
  7. A students suffering from contagious disease should not be sent to the school till the student is completely free from infection.
  8. No student may leave the school premises during School hours without the permission of the Principal.
  9. Care must be taken for all School property. No student should spoil the desks, chair or any other furniture, write or draw on wall, or any other damage, things belonging to other students. Any damage done to School property is to be replaced by the student who does it.
  10. The School does not bear any responsibility for a child getting hurt while playing during school hours. However prompt medical attention will be provided for which the parent will have to bear the expenses.
  11. Running in the school building is not allowed.
  12. We do not permit or advice parents to approach any of our teaching staff for private tuition/ discussion directly.
  13. Parents are requested to check the attendance of their ward in PTM if they come by themselves.

Rules And Regulations

  1. Parents or other persons should not visit the classes or meet the teachers during school hours without prior permission of the Principal.
    They should come during the visiting hours only.
  2. Student should not remain absent from school without permission. if a student remains absent for more than 10 days without permission his/her name is likely to be struck off the Rolls and readmission will be at the direction of the Principal.
  3. In case a parent wishes to withdraw his child from the school one month’s notice must be given or due one months fees must be deposited.

General Instruction

Admission form for Nursery classes are released from 1st February and forms can be obtained from school office.
  • Monday to Friday        –        10.00 am. to 4.00 pm.
  • Saturday        –                       10.00 to 1.00 pm.
Admission to classes Nursery to VII will be given if there are any vacancies in the respective classes.
Application of Student coming on transfer from other school are to be supported by the. T.C. obtained by head of the institution which school be counter signed by the competent education authority. The copy of the result card/ mark sheet of the last examination passed should also to be attached.

School Uniform

(Next year 19-20 uniform can change)

*Boys :

  • (Except Wednesday & Saturday)
    Striped (blue & white) shirt, Blue coloured shorts/trousers.
    White socks with blue stripes.
    Black shoes.
    Blue turban for Sikh Boys.


  • Blue School Sweater with white stripes on neck and full sleeves (new colour) or Blue Blazer, Blue cap.


  • For classes I to V half pants. (summers) full pants (winters)
    For Classes VI onward full pants are compulsory.

*Boys :

  • (on Wednesday & Saturday)
    White T-Shirt with house colour collar.
    White pant/half pant.(according to class)
    White Shoes.
    White plain socks.


  • Blue School Sweater with white stripes on neck and full sleeves (new colour) or Blue Blazer, Blue Cap.


  • (Except Wednesday & Saturday)
    Striped (blue & white) Shirt, Blue skirt.
    White Socks with blue stripes.
    White hair bands or Rubber band.


  • Blue School Sweater with white stripes on neck and full sleeves. (new colour) or Blue Blazer, White Slacks, Blue cap or scarf.


  • White T-shirt with house colour collar.
    White divider skirt.
    White shoes.
    White plains socks.


  • Blue School Sweater with white stripes on neck and full sleeves (new colour) or Blue Blazer, white slacks, blue cap or scarf.

ऑटो से संबंधित सूचना

  1. ऑटो वाला घर से ही बच्चे को लेगा !
  2. ऑटो वाले को सिर्फ चालू माह का ही एडवांस देवें !
  3. अगर ऑटो वालों से कोई शिकायत हो तो स्कूल में फ़ोन द्वारा जरूर बतायें !
    फ़ोन : 2535477, 2535478 (3.30 से 4.30 बजे)
  4. अगर आपकी परेशानी दूर न हुई हो तो दुवारा फ़ोन करे !
  5. अगर ऑटो वाला बच्चों को लेने नहीं आता है तो स्कूल पर शिकायत करें !
  6. पहली बार Batch फ्री लगाया जाता है ! Batch घुमाने पर पालक को नये Batch खरीदना पड़ेगा !

कृपया ध्यान से पढ़े

  1. पालकों को सूचित किया जाता है कि बच्चों की प्रगति की जानकारी प्राप्त करने हर महीने के आखिरी शनिवार ( प्रात: 9 से 11 ) ( दोनों शिफ्ट ) जरूर आये !
  2. अगर किसी कारणवश शनिवार ना आ पाए तो आने से पहले लिखित या फ़ोन पर अनुमति ले !
  3. अनुमति ना लेने पर आप किसी भी अध्यापिका से नहीं मिल सकेंगे !
  4. विद्यार्थी को आधे दिन का अवकाश नहीं दिया जायेगा ! अत्यंत जरूरी होने पर लिखित अनुमति तिलक पथ से लेकर आए !
  5. बच्चों को स्वछतापूर्वक ( दातून, स्नान, तेल लगे कंघी करें बाल ) भेजें ! ताकि उसका पढाई पर पूर्ण ध्यान रहें !
  6. विद्यार्थी को यदि गृहकाय् (HomeWork) नहीं मिलता है तो भी घर पर स्वयं अध्ययन करना अनिवार्य है ! (Revision)
  7. 1 से 1-1/2 घण्टे नियमित रूप से गणित का अभ्यास करें !
  8. यदि विद्यार्थी को अच्छे अंकों से उत्तीर्ण करवाना चाहते है तो नियमित रूप से गृहकाय् एवं दिया गया स्वयं अध्ययन रोज करवायें !
  9. विद्यार्थी के अवकाश हेतु प्राथिना पत्र भेजना अनिवार्य है !
  10. यदि विद्यार्थी पूर्व नियोजित अवकाश के लिये जाता है तो पालक स्वयं विद्यालय आकर प्राचार्या की अनुमति प्राप्त करें !
  11. अपूर्ण कार्य करने के लिये मंगलवार व शुक्रवार को ही विद्यालय आ सकते है !
    समय सुबह की शिफ्ट 10 बजे !
    दोपहर की शिफ्ट 1 बजे ! आपके साथ एक रफ कॉपी लाये !
  12. बच्चों के साथ भेजी गई समस्त सामग्री जैसे बेग, बैच, बेल्ट, जूते आदि पर नाम लिखकर भेजें ! अन्यथा गुम हो जाने पर जवाबदारी हमारी नहीं होगी !
  13. I से VIII यूनिट टेस्ट का टाइम टेबल डायरी में ही है !
  14. अगर यूनिट टेस्ट के एक हफ्ते से पहले बच्चे की कॉपी अपूर्ण है तो यूनिट टेस्ट में बैठने की अनुमति नहीं दी जावेगी !

Note :-

  1. Last Saturday of every month is a Holiday
  2. Fees has to be paid in the school between 9.30 AM. to 3.00 PM. (Mon. to Friday ) (1 to 1.30 pm. lunch Break) Tilak Path
  3. All the Parents of the class I are requested to fill new admission form and submit- Photo Copy of birth certificate in the month of april (any Saturday ) positively between 10 am. to 12.00 noon. The childs names will be enrolled in the school only after that.
  4. बच्चों को अंग्रेजी बोलना अनिवार्य है !
  5. कृपया अपने बच्चों को समय पर तैयार कर स्टॉप पर खड़ा रखें ! रिक्शा वालों को हिदायत है कि वै तैयार बच्चों को लेकर आये, अगर बच्चा तैयार नहीं होगा तो वे छोड़कर आ सकते है !
  6. किसी भी बच्चे को आधा अवकाश नहीं दिया जायेगा ! अत्य्यावश्यक होने पर एक दिन पूर्व आवेदन देकर पूर्ण अवकाश लेवें !
  7. कृपया विद्यालय से दिए सरक्यूलर और डायरी ध्यान से अनिवार्य रूप से पढ़े !
  8. प्रत्येक बुधवार, शनिवार को सभी बच्चों को स्पोर्टस सफ़ेद यूनिफार्म पहनना अनिवार्य है !
  9. ऑटो वाले को चालू महीने का एडवांस ही देवें इसके अलावा कोई भी राशि एडवांस में न देवें !
  10. बच्चों को साफ़ यूनिफार्म पहनाकर भेजें !
  11. बच्चों के नाख़ून व बाल छोटे हो !
  12. नाख़ून पर नेलपालिश न लगावे और न ही उन्हें कीमती चीजें पहनाकर भेजें !
  13. कक्षा पहली के लिये माह जुलाई से नया गणवेश (नीला गणवेश ) पहनना अनिवार्य है जून माह तक पुरानी यूनिफार्म पहनने की अनुमति प्रदान की जाती है !
  14. विद्यालय से किसी कारणवश अवकाश लेने से पूर्व विद्यालय ऑफिस से अवकाश फॉर्म लेकर उस पर प्राचार्य की स्वीकृति लेना आवश्यक है ! बगैर पूर्व स्वीकृति के अवकाश नहीं दिया जावेगा ! किन्हीं विशेष परिसिथतीवश (अश्वशथा) (Fever & Sick) बालक अनुपष्टित रहता है उस सिथति (Condition ) में डॉ. द्वारा मेडिकल सर्टिफिकेट बनवाकर विद्यालय में जमा करवाना आवश्यक है !
  15. सफ़ेद स्पोर्टस यूनिफार्म हाउस कलर मिलने पर खरीदें !
    (पहली कक्षा / नई एडमिशन के लिए निर्देश ) (अगस्त माह से ) !